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Process description


Identifying needs

The first and most important phase is to identify your needs, so that we can be a good advisor to you.

  • Is it a new sign or a replacement for an existing one?
  • Should it be illuminated?
  • What kind of size and type of sign do you want?
  • Should it be perforated or have a solid front?
  • Do you need a service and maintenance agreement for the signs?

Different customers have different needs and we help you with the whole process from A to Z!


Signage plan

Once we have identified your needs, we are then well prepared to draw up a signage plan with you. The general rule is that a building application must be sent to the municipality for all signs over 3.2 m2, and also to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration if it is adjacent to a major road. We will help you with this. We also recommend conducting an inspection to ensure that the signage plan matches the relevant location. Does your business have a graphic profile that includes signage? If you need a creative process in this regard, we are happy to help.


Price offer and agreement

We provide you with a price offer based on an agreed signage plan. This also contains the estimated delivery time for the signs and the roll-out plan for installation. If Sign Consult is also to be the responsible designer, then the plan also includes technical drawings and calculations related to wind and snow tolerances.

When we agree on terms, we formalise this through a simple assignment confirmation or a collaboration agreement, depending on the size of the assignment. Perhaps the agreement should include a service and maintenance agreement to ensure the longevity of your signs.


Building application

If necessary, we start with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration so that their views can be included in the application to the municipality. All municipalities have their own sign regulations and we have to identify whether or not the measure requires an application for dispensation.

In addition, notification must be sent out to neighbours at least 2 weeks before the application is submitted to the municipality, which in turn can spend about 3-12 weeks on its case processing. We take care of your role as a project owner, and recommend that you wait with the production of the signs until all approvals are in place.


Project management

While the project is being processed by the municipality and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, we begin the project phase to prepare for logistics and installation to be carried out in an efficient manner.

Sometimes this also means that we participate in construction meetings. We want to be involved in the process as early as possible. Final delivery will then be both better and more cost-effective for you.


Logistics and goods receipt

We offer goods receipt from the manufacturer and storage if you wish. Perhaps goods are to be temporarily stored with us before final distribution to the relevant location. This phase is more demanding than many people think. Shipping usually takes place across national borders entailing customs declaration and thus possible delays for the project. When unloading, we can check the goods received to ensure correct and damage-free delivery. This is how we ensure that you as a customer receive the signs in a safe and appropriate manner.



Our own teams and a nationwide network of fitters ensure safe and efficient installation. They carry out installation in accordance with requirements from the manufacturer, and the guidelines that apply in Norway. While our people are certified to complete the entire sign installation process themselves, we requisition an electrician for you when needed.



We want you as a customer to be present and for us to ensure that the project is completed as agreed together. Of course, we keep all documentation if there is a need for it afterwards.


Service og maintenance

To ensure compliance with warranties, your right to make a claim and trouble-free signage, we recommend signing a service and maintenance agreement. Expensive signs require annual inspection and proper maintenance performed by authorised personnel.