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Important information about transportation to and within Norway


Sign Consult cooperates with a number of sign manufacturers in Europe. When delivering signs for projects in Norway it is important to take into account the special geography of our country.

Norway is an long country with a geography that makes it important to plan deliveries well. Most carriers cross the border in southern Norway. If signs are to be delivered to projects in central south-eastern Norway, the roads are generally good.

But many deliveries go to other locations. Norway is 1700 km from south to north and the coastline is among the longest in the world, with its long fjords and large mountains.

Travelling in Norway is largely characterised by mountain passes, tunnels and fjord crossings by boat. In winter, driving conditions can be challenging and long delays are common.

At Sign Consult we therefore make sure that suppliers plan the delivery well and take geography and seasons into account.

We therefore wish to have close contact with both supplier and transport company, so that the journey and delivery are as efficient as possible.