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We sign Norway!

Reputable consultant and fitter of exterior profiling throughout Norway since 1994

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We help our customers with exterior sign brand profiling and assist throughout the entire process - from identifying needs, sending building applications, sign production and project management to installation and service/maintenance.


Important information about transportation to and within Norway

Sign Consult cooperates with a number of sign manufacturers in Europe. When delivering signs for projects in Norway it is important to take into account the special geography of our country.


As a general rule, signage and advertising devices of up to 3.0 m2 mounted flat on walls do not require an application. But there are many exceptions, both central, local and from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

We have Central approval from the Norwegian Building Authority, and can send applications on your behalf, both to the municipalities and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. If you are in doubt, we will help you with the process so that you avoid unpleasant surprises or delays in planned projects. You will also find a lot of information on the Norwegian Building Authority website

If necessary, we start with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration so that their views can be included in the application to the municipality. All municipalities have their own sign regulations and we have to identify whether or not the measure requires an application for dispensation.

In addition, notification must be sent out to neighbours at least 2 weeks before the application is submitted to the municipality, which in turn can spend about 3-12 weeks on its case processing. As your advisor, we take care of your role as a developer, and we recommend that you delay the production of signs until all approvals are in place.

The first and most important phase is to identify your needs, so that we can be a good advisor.

  • Is it a new sign or a replacement for an existing one?
  • Should it be illuminated?
  • Should it be lit outwards or inwards, which gives a slightly different visual effect?
  • What kind of size and type of sign do you want? A sign cabinet or free-standing letters, for example?
  • Should it be perforated or have a solid front?
  • Quantity?
  • Should we prepare a proposal for a service and maintenance agreement at the same time?
  • Maybe you want to see some types of signs in real life to get a better feel of the products?

Get in touch and we will help you with the process.


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